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      Precision Machining

      Precision machining and fabrication|precision machining solutions

      In addition to sand casting lines, WKM is also a precision machining supplier. We strategically acquires and operates small- to mid-size industrial equipment, serving as OEMs and tier-1 suppliers in the following markets: Automotive, Construction, Green Power, and Agriculture, Hydraulics, Aerospace etc..

      Our CNC lathe and milling machines have vertical and horizontal capabilities, facilitating the development and production of a wide variety of complex precision-machined parts. Some of our milling machines with two pallet shuttle systems, parts can be machined on one pallet while loading parts on the other pallet, thus reducing production time. In addition, the machines are outfitted with 4 and 4.5-axis rotary tables and dedicated fixtures, this results in a significant reduction in variation in production runs, improved quality, and reduced costs. Our in-house CNC milling equipment can handle parts up to 31 inches in cube. We are specilized in supply of precision machined products,like Flywheel Housing, Manifold, Wind Turbine Brake,Differential Case, Shaft, Yoke, etc..

      Main Machining FacilitiesSet
      1 Vertical / Horizontal CNC Machining Center 26
      2 Vertical / Horizontal CNC Lathe 14
      3 Water Jet deburring machine 1
      4 Ultrasonic Cleaner 1
      5 Painting Line ( Integrated service for Customers ) 1
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